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The coursework for each module is split into two main areas, the structure is adapted from and broadly based on adult FE courses I teach:

1. Weekly class workshops and seminars lay out methodology and theory, along with two examples of the type of media focused on in the module.

2. Assignment projects include one short and one longer, medium-form project.

The assignment work comprises writing a simple short promotional voice script for the learner’s portfolio, as well as a script for one longer for News EPK (Electronic Press Kit) on a subject of their choosing. The scripts will later be used to research, source, shoot log and edit into a video release form which media and news in-desks are used to receiving material. I.e, with accompanying material for local news stations to customise as reports by their own on-air journalists.

The simple script and voice recording can help to introduce the creator’s personality and style.

Workshop 1. Simple promotional script:

‘The Traveller’s Journal’, provides experiential context, possible motivation and reality checks for a creative considering working overseas and is intended as an example what a travelling freelancer might expect to get involved in, based on my own experiences working in the U.Sl and the Near East as a film and commercials editor.

‘Travelling Freelancer’s Journal’ excerpt:

The busiest and most in demand commercials editor in Istanbul was a guy called Omer. A few months after I arrived as he exited the door of the building where he and the director had spent an all night session cutting a new commercial, Omer set off down the steps at the precise moment when the ‘first’ big earthquake struck, during which he twisted his ankle quite badly. The earthquake then was 7.8, which is . 1 off the size and scale of the most recent current one. While he was recovering, somehow I became anew option as commercials Avid editor. Just before the earthquake hit, I had been conscripted by the second largest post and production company Istanbul, Compugraph, to edit commercials and then after the Earthquake I was assigned to edit the Earthquake Relief Documentary for one of the most popular Journalists in the country and editor of the Cumhuryet newspaper, Can Dundar. The project was for Saatchi & Saatchi’s Turkish agency, who were part owners of the post-production company.

The second module script workshop is more creative and complicated and examples the level and type of storytelling needed for medium and long form dramatic film scrips. It comes from a script written by an overseas freelance producer commissioned to produce a film for the Turkish Tourism authority.

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