Research, Ideate & Plan

Excuse my absence. Life, health and a new employer called.

For anyone interested, there are all kinds of creative and technical areas you can work training, mentoring or assessing apprentices, searchable if you click on The Institute for Apprenticeships. You generally work under an associates contract with the creative media assessment organisations. The pay is not bad, but it does appear to fluctuate seasonally.

I got into Digital Arts and Technology as a postgraduate by chance, coming from a background of a Film and Commercials editor working in the U.S. and Near East.

The difference in new media and classical storytelling is primarily in the need for clearer layout and modelling due to added interactivity.

No longer working from a linear storyboard or cards alone, the need for clear modelling of story and flow soon becomes apparent. You may have to access the originals by double clicking and opening images on the Miro Boards (use mouse dial to zoom and right click to move page)

Modelling a Creative Linear Project

Miro or Figma Jam Boards – the place to layout all of your project elements.

Not too complicated and if it were for film you’d add visual storyboard scene or shot sketches, more developed illustrations, like animatics – if you’re an agency – or actual location shots, taken either personally or by accessing Google Earth images (more on that, which I use a lot of and extracting ‘flyover’ videos later).

Modelling a Linear Project with Limited Interactivity

What happens to the flow charts of a story if we add a limited number of interactive narrative choices – towards the end of the chart are three choices based on the reality of the reconstruction and two other slight variations. Does the protagonist act with integrity, compassion, or perhaps disregard all of those, and what are the outcomes of making one of those three story choices?

In the course I will go over the advantages of digital v analog, as well as different software, like Miro, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and DaVinci you will be using on the course. However, I encourage anyone interested in this kind of work to sign up and explore the Miro and Figma am board and prototyping systems with a free account.