Interviews – Lola Lennox – Singer Songwriter

Lola Lennox Interview Trailer

Trailer for interview with Lola Lennox, singer songwriter. Lola is releasing her debut single, ‘In The Wild’, in early February of this year, 2020. A phenomenally talented singer and songwriter working with innovative producers and co-writers, both in London and L.A., notably Jon Green. Lola also is the daughter of Annie Lennox. However, I suspect that soon enough she’ll be recognised as an artist to reckon with in her own right.

Lola Lennon – Whole Interview

Interviews – Jon East – Director. ‘The Last Kingdom’ and ‘Summerhill’

Jon East – Interview Trailer.
Jon East – Complete Interview (30:04 Min)

Jon East. Film and tv director of ‘The Last Kingdom’ and ‘Magritte’ talks openly about his film making craft and the process from concept to execution of high-end series and tv work. Jon also dramatised the TV series Summerhill, about the battle between the school and Ofsted, the government regulators who took the school to court to try and close it down. As head of children’s BBC at the time, Jon took on what seems to have been the somewhat risky undertaking of dramatising a series about Summerhill in which, thanks to a huge effort by the children, the staff and Zoë Readhead – the Principal – along with a great barrister, the school won the case.

Ledfoot. Tim Scott McConnell’s Interview

Ledfoot Interview – Trailer

Tim plays Gothic Blues, his own form of raw and brutally honest music. He has a rare and immediate voice which he accompanies mostly only with a 12 string played with a sizzling slide. Tim Scott McConnell’s interview takes us from the deep south where, after he grew up in a trailer park, he played in local bands before leaving for New York and creating the house band at CBGB with a member of the New York Dolls. He was signed to Island and a number of other major record labels. Bruce Springsteen is a fan and popularised one of his songs, High Hopes. Tim lives in Norway and has a new record out called White Crow, under his artist name, Ledfoot.

Led Foot. Complete Interview (25:00 Min)

Interview – Introductory Issue – Kim Shuck, Poet Laureate of San Francisco

Kim Shuck – Trailer

Interview with Kim Shuck – San Francisco’s Poet Laureate. Kim talks about growing up in a hippy household in California; her new found experience of being recognised by the public as a Poet Laureate, often at the strangest moments; the good and the bad behavioural gains and losses of the countercultural movement, as well as the seductive nature of live performing and how after that artists are often left with an empty feeling, which for me ties in well with the issues of artists and addiction issues.

Kim Shuck – Poet Laureate of San Francisco.
Kim Shuck, Poet Laureate of SanFrancisco. Podcast Interview. Full Interview (47:40 Min)


Interview – Stephanie Rainey Singer Songwriter

Stephanie Rainey – Singer Songwriter. Trailer

We have a podcast interview with Stephanie Rainey who, according to Jason Rothberg, the organising producer of the recent Golden Stone Years tribute to Brian Jones, ‘stole the show’ at the recent concert.

Hailing from Cork in Ireland and having struggled to get recognised for years, in 2015 Stephanie released an emotionally powerful song and video with Please Don’t Go, which was about her brother who, sadly, died of cancer. The video and song quickly went viral and notched up a few million views online. Since then Stephanie’s career has been going from strength to strength and after Donovan and Linda Leitch saw her at a concert in Ireland they invited her to perform at the Golden Stone tribute concert to Brian Jones.

Stephanie Rainey. Complete Podcast Interview. (27:40 Min).


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Gerard Mosiniak, chef and restaurateur on Rock and Cooking.

January Series, 2020. Chef and restaurant owner Gerard Mosiniak. Interview sample.

Gerard Mosiniak. International chef, Punk/Pub Rocker and partner in a London restaurant with Roxy Music’s Andy Mackay, amongst others. Gerard talks about working as an executive chef in many countries – also about his varied life as a DJ after being the cook at Nellcôte where the Rolling Stones recorded ‘Exile on Main Street’ and where he introduced us Brits to great French cooking when I was there as a child in 1971.

Author Joanna Harcourt-Smith on ‘Tripping The Bardo With Timothy Leary‘.

February 2020. Interview with Joanna Harcourt-Smith. Interview sample.

Interview with Joanna Harcourt-Smith. Joanna is a writer and podcaster, the longtime partner of Dr. Timothy Leary and author of Tripping the Bardo With Timothy Leary. Joanna talks about the times when she knew us as kids; the creative process and writing her book; the most interesting of Timothy Leary’s writing and work at Harvard, as well as finding the lost love letters Timothy had written to her from prison – now on display at the National Museum in Washington D.C. A find which bizarrely also contained a bunch of drawings I’d given to Joanna in 1972, of us, a house and a spaceship.

Zoë Readhead on staying alive as an alternative educational establishment.

March 2020. Zoë Readhead, Summerhil principal. Interview sample.
Zoë Readhead, Summerhill Principal. Interview trailer.

Zoë Readhead, Summerhill Principal. In the interview Zoë talks about the tough business of staying alive as an alternative educational establishment in the highly bureaucratic world of education; changes at the school over the years in terms of the grounds and buildings as well as the cultural and international mix of the students. Zoë also recounts the school’s battle for survival with Ofsted, the school regulators, who tried to shut the school down unless it fundamentally changed its approach to raising kids, which was resisted when the students and staff fought back, raising money to secure the services of a great barrister who won the case for the school in the British law courts.