Charley Weber – Plymouth, June, 2022

The site started out as an alternative culture, arts and interviews site, with pieces that were partly research for the book about my unusual childhood: ‘Ragamuffins Tale: Growing up In Counterculture’.

The emphasis has shifted to a new book and online course, ‘The Travelling  Freelancers Guide to Creative Exploration’, both a travelling freelancer’s journal about working overseas, and an online course in classical and new media skills.

My day job for the last few years has been teaching and assessing media apprentices, as well as studying for a postgrad research degree. In a slightly idealised form the course reflects that experience but also mirrors the need for digital transformation that industry and the creative fields, like communications and new journalism, are looking for in workers.

The course is for communicators who want to up skill by adding interactive and other digital know-how to classical linear media skills. A lot of the work is desktop based, teaching new journalism techniques, like 3D architectural crisis scene reconstruction, motion tracking and video extraction of guided satellite photogrammetry over and around key locations in a story. The aim is to expand the range of media assets and production choices, as well as create a portfolio and make the candidate’s skill set more attractive to employers and clients.

Petra Schmidt – Editor

As mentioned, you will also find ‘Ragamuffin’s Tale’, my book which recounts an unusual story of growing up in counterculture around poets and artists like Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones, as well as a slightly darker and more underworld side, of gangsters and figures who were dealing and supplying that world with escape and narcotics.

Petra Schmidt is the editor of the book and website.

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