Reader ‘5 Star’ Reviews for ‘Ragamuffin’s Tale’ on Amazon

While the reviews for the book took me by pleasant surprise, once the initial flurry of interest and sales levelled off, to expose the book to the public I reached out to a few journalists on LinkedIn. One of whom, Laurence Dollimore of the Mail Online, responded and he and his editor published a big spread on the book in the last weekend of May online.

You can purchase Ragamuffin’s Tale from Amazon in paperback, hardback or e-Book form.

People genuinely seem to enjoy reading the book, and I will explore other ways to get it in front of a wider audience. The first element I’m working on is a customisable After Effects book animation package which looks pretty good, but took a learning curve, which I will use on social media.

I absolutely welcome any ideas, introductions or suggestions to media, press, radio and TV for portraits or interviews for the book.

Ragamuffin’s Tale reviews