Who’s Downloading ‘Ragamuffin Story Teller’ Music? Updated: 5/2022


Although I swore off music for a good few years to write ‘Ragamuffin’s Tale’, in early April ‘My Daisy Brain’ popped into my head and people seemed to respond well, so I have released it through i-Tunes and Deezer.

‘Shine a Light’ – my cover. A good number of downloads and clearly some interest. Perhaps newly in regard to another brilliant Stone lost. But would need clearance to legalise or ensure the artists get their due, commercially.

The data below, before I began using Reverbnation with the post/release of ‘My Daisy Brain’, shows an interest in downloading music from the site. Surprisingly the top one, at 764 downloads, is a cover I recorded of the Hendrix song ‘Angel’, which I did here in Plymouth over the last year or two. Other top ones are my cover of ‘Shine a Light’, by the Stones, as well as a couple of originals. Although the main purpose of the site is storytelling, it is interesting. I guess mechanical clearances with the copyright-holders would have to be made.


Most are audio and MP3 downloads, but it makes me wonder how many people are copying/downloading text from articles and the book.