Data & Stats Information – Music

I do release original tracks on Apple Music, like ‘My Daisy Brain’ under the Ragamuffin moniker.

Although I haven’t yet released a cover, but looking at the stats it does show an area of interest.

‘Angel’ by Hendrix. A very simple cover I made, people seem to show interest in. The downloads are curious – very basic covers – but legally I need to resolve any copyright issues, and pay for mechanical licensing. I have zero interest in piracy at all.
‘Shine a Light’ – a good number of downloads and clearly interest. Perhaps newly in regard to another brilliant lost stone. But needs clearance to legalise or ensure the artists get their dues.

It seems to show a market for digital downloads. Surprisingly a demand for reinterpretations I’ve recorded in addition to the book and/or articles – the main aim for the site.

Author: Charley Weber

I work as a writer and creative media trainer and assessor with UK Apprenticeship qualifications organisations. My career has mostly been as a film editor and sometimes producer in commercials, corporate films and documentaries in the US and the Near East. In music, I've had releases in film and mostly worked as a club music director and contracting producer for a 24-hour music festival. With the surprisingly warm reception of my book 'Ragamuffin's Tale: Growing up in counterculture', my interest is increasingly turning toward writing.